Swilled Dog 2019 Recap (Spoilers for 2020 Included)

Well, that’s a wrap!  2019 is in the books for Swilled Dog, and what an absolute whirlwind it has been. When we entered into the year, we thought it was going to be a very fun and an incredibly rewarding one.  That description was pretty spot on.

To recap some of the highlights:

  1. We successfully relocated to a 20,000 square foot production facility and tasting experience, purchased new equipment, and expanded our production capacity to 25,000 BBLs

  2. Brooke was elected Vice President of the US Association of Cider Makers and represented the US at the Global Cider Forum in Germany in October

  3. We launched new flagship, one off and seasonal  ciders – Pineapple, Apple Pie, and Root Beer Float

  4. We launched statewide distribution in Florida, Virginia and Kentucky and signed statewide distribution contracts in Ohio and Indiana starting in January of 2020

  5. Swilled Cider Club Membership doubled

  6. We successfully organized and created the inaugural West Virginia Cider Fest

  7. We began the build-out of our Florida tasting experience in Tampa Bay

  8. Volumes and sales more than tripled

  9. We continued to make an impact by donating over 3% of sales to local communities and charities through planned giving and Lucy’s Tap at our tasting room   

To say that we had a fun year is an understatement, and as we mentioned above, 2019 was incredibly rewarding.  We couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of our Swilled Fans continuing to come out in droves at all of our festivals, buy our products on the shelves, visit our tasting room, and support our impact initiatives.  We also want to give a big shout out to our awesome production crew, tasting room staff, Sales Manager, Chief Experience Manager, distribution, and retail partners – you guys are the absolute best!

Lucy Pickles update: Lucy celebrated her 6th birthday in December and has been getting extra walks and belly rubs this year.  She still enjoys chasing Mr. Squirrel in the backyard and playing a game of fetch.  However, she successfully halted Mr. Squirrel’s recent engagement to Miss Squirrel by continuously  barking at their tree not only driving her off, but causing quite the ruckus in the neighborhood…well played LP, well played…  Other than that, Lucy is looking forward to getting into the new markets to meet all of her new fans and continue to earn more “siduals” as she likes to call them.  We fear a renegotiation with her agent is forthcoming. 

So with all of the excitement in 2019, what do we have in store for 2020?  Well since you’ve read this far, we will give you a sneak peek…

First as you all know, we will be launching statewide distribution in Ohio and Indiana in January.  That means that more people will not only have access to our ciders, but it also means that we will have a greater ability to make an impact across our footprint.  It also means that all of our OH and IN Swilled Fans need to be on the lookout for Lucy and the Swilled Dog team at local festivals and out and about slinging cider. 

Secondly, did someone say new cider?!? That’s right.  We are about to release our newest creation – Wild Berry!  This amazingly, refreshing cider is a blend of blackberries and raspberries giving you a nice berry aroma, a tart, semi-sweet bite, and a refreshing finish.  If you are looking for a fruity, refreshing, crisp, beverage to enjoy all year long, we think this cider checks all of the boxes.  Look for it to hit shelves near the end of January. 

Swilled Dog Wild Berry

Looking for more?  We will give you one more thing….  How about a Swilled Dog Pack – a 12 pack variety pack cider featuring two favorites, Walk the Dog and Pineapple, as well as our new Wild Berry?  That’s right, coming soon to a retailer near you, you will be able to pick up the newest package in our arsenal, and it’s the perfect package to share among friends.  Details and box design to be released soon on a launch date. 

That’s it!  We can’t give you any more details.  However, we said this was just a sneak peek.  Stay tuned for more details about our tasting room opening in Florida, exciting festival and event details throughout our newly expanded footprint, and did someone mention a new Summer Seasonal?  We promise, the details will be worth the wait. 

Thanks again for being so awesome.  From making small batches of hard cider in our basements only 3 years ago to now having a 6-state distribution network, a 20,000 square foot facility, and a second tasting experience coming soon in Florida, we are truly grateful for your support!  Cheers to a happy and healthy new year, and until the next time #GetSwilled

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