Swilled Apple Drive

It’s that time of year again, and it happens to be one of our favorites. The calendar has turned to August and everyone seems to be getting the fever - random talking heads have begun discussing the upcoming professional football season, lively banter has started between buddies talking about the prospects of their favorite college football teams, and every girl has been dreaming about the upcoming release of everything and anything pumpkin (Pumpkin pizza, anyone?). That’s right, it seems like everyone skips over August in anticipation for the cooler days and nights of September, October, and November. But who can blame them? Those humid days wear on you quickly, and the only way to make it through the sauna of August without a fresh shirt is to dream of the days that are ahead – oh and maybe a snorkel for those days with 100% humidity. Sure, we know school is getting ready to start back up and just like that, gone are the care free days of summer. But, who doesn’t love the feeling of a cool mountain breeze?

This is why we love our business. Apples harvest begins, cool nights lead to crisp, dry mornings, wood smoke billows from random mountain campfires, and the weekends become a sanctuary for football. The season that is upon us is a season where the cider flows like wine and where beautiful women (pumpkin loving women) instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. We are talking about a little season called FALL! Yes, we know Dumb & Dumber was describing Aspen, but you get the point…

Not only is it fall, but it is also time for the 2nd Annual Swilled Apple Drive for our 2017 batch of WV Scrumpy. After aging and conditioning this awesome cider for just the perfect amount of time, this much anticipated, award winning cider will make its 2nd annual debut in early 2018. However, the time is now to begin planning the harvest of West Virginia apples that will go into this year’s batch, and we sure do need your help!

Our 2017 batch of WV Scrumpy will be bigger than our 2016 batch. It will also be different. If you remember from Part I of the WV Scrumpy Story (quit slacking and catch up on your Swilled Blog reading…), our WV Scrumpy will change each year as the batch is made of random, donated apples from across the entire state. You may ask, “Why?” Well each apple brings a different characteristic to this cider. Certain apples give the cider a sweetness. Some give it a tart or acidic mouthfeel. Others may provide that perfect balance of sharpness and sweetness that truly makes this cider special. Either way, the apples that are donated from across our great state determine the end product. Last year, our 2016 batch of WV Scrumpy earned a silver medal at the world’s largest cider competition (GLINTCAP). We look to top that in 2017! With your help, we can show the world why West Virginia makes damn good cider!

How can you help? Well as previously mentioned, our 2017 batch will be much larger. Therefore, we are in need of approximately 125 - 150 bushels of apples. In return, each person who donates a bushel of apples will receive a free bottle of our 2017 WV Scrumpy. Not only will you receive a free bottle of some delicious, once in a lifetime crafted cider, but you will help us make an impact in our great state. Again from previous blog posts (come on guys, don’t make us tell you again…subscribe to our blog), you will remember that 100% of the proceeds from our WV Scrumpy go to benefit our great WV local communities and charities. All of Swilled Dog’s time, product costs (bottles, labels, caps, etc…), and love are given to make this an amazing cider and to make an impact. We don’t just say it, we mean it – we have a passion for making great hard cider, but we are equally as passionate to make an impact in the communities in which we do business. You can count on that commitment!

So does your apple tree have what it takes to be part of our 2017 batch of WV Scrumpy? Do you want to help us make an impact in West Virginia? Do you have apples that you have no idea what they are, or are super tart and not worth eating? Wait, you only have pesky crab apples? All of these are reasons to join us in our mission. We love people who care about making an impact in our state. We also love unknown variety apples, and we especially love crab apples. These are the apples that really give cider unique characteristics that can’t be found in your typical store bought, sugar bomb ciders. They are also apples that make West Virginia cider special.

So now what? Don’t hesitate and miss out on an opportunity to have your apples included in our 2017 batch of WV Scrumpy! Quickly, send an email to info@swilleddog.com with your name, address, telephone number, and type of apple trees (if known). We will reach out and plan accordingly.

We can’t thank those enough who helped us make our 2016 WV Scrumpy such a huge success! We appreciate everyone’s support of this project, and we can’t wait to see how our 2017 WV Scrumpy turns out. Our goal to top 2016’s batch is lofty, but we believe doable! With your help, we can take pride in once again stating on our WV Scrumpy label “Mission Accomplished, Mountaineers!” You too can take pride by sitting on your back porch looking out at that “pesky” apple tree and sipping one of the world’s best ciders. How do you like them apples?

Be on the lookout for our next two blog posts: “Sweet vs. Dry” – a deeper dive into the cider debate surrounding sweet and dry ciders and “Swilled Dog – Pumpkin Patch” – details surrounding our much anticipated Pumpkin Patch release. Until then, send us an email about your apples, and #GetSwilled

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