#GetSwilled....what does it even mean? Well there has been plenty of speculation, and after a recent event and some pretty good laughs (see video below), we thought we would take the time to explain what we mean when we say #GetSwilled.

For us, #GetSwilled is a feeling as much as it is a phrase. We like to say that it’s a lifestyle meaning to live life to the fullest, to enjoy your time with friends and family, and to just be absolutely enthusiastic about life. As a family owned business, enjoying our time with one another is paramount - well at least most of the time we enjoy each other.... But in all seriousness, we do love what we do, enjoy each other's company, and love promoting sustainable happiness - a feeling that we want to pass on to you when you are drinking our ciders. So the next time you see us at one of our events, are drinking one of our ciders, or are just sitting around enjoying time with your friends and family, we want you to know that every ounce of our cider is made with this feeling in mind. You are the reason that we are so passionate about our cider, and we enjoy every minute of it. Again for us, #GetSwilled isn't just a silly catch phrase, but it’s the meaning of everything we do. Until the next time, #GetSwilled....oh yeah, and please remember to drink responsibly.

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