Swilled Cocktail Series - March 2017

Today on the Swilled Blog, we are starting a new monthly series called the “Swilled Cocktail Series”. We realize cider is an amazing drink all by itself, but every once in a while, you may want to spice things up a bit. Get a little crazy. Live on the edge. Ok, enough with the cliché “seize the day” mantras. The series will be for the Swilled Dog fan who wants to see what other amazing things cider can do. Or for the person who just prefers a nice cocktail.

So try them out, snap a pic, and let us know what you think by posting them to social media using the hashtag #GetSwilled and tagging @SwilledDog. We can’t wait to see what you think!

Our first recipes will, duh, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The one day when everyone is Irish and imbibing with friends is expected. It also falls on a Friday this year- extra bonus! See below for the almost too- simple- to-make recipes:

Pot O’ Gold

8 oz. of Swilled Dog’s Granny’s Gold

.75 oz. shot of Caramel Apple kissed Smirnoff vodka

Drops of green food coloring

Mix together with ice and voila - a delish and simple St. Patty’s Day cocktail.

Swilled Irish Mule

2 apple slices

1 cinnamon stick

4 oz. Walk the Dog Hard Cider

6 oz. ginger beer

2 oz. Irish whiskey

Mix cider, ginger beer, and Irish whiskey over ice. Add cinnamon stick. Garnish with apple slice. Always a crowd favorite. Enjoy!

The Swilled Irishman

6 oz. Walk the Dog Hard Cider

6 oz. Guinness beer

Pour hard cider into glass. Layer on top Guinness beer. Nothing like a cider version of a black and tan to enjoy on St. Patty’s Day!

We hope you enjoy this series and our recipes. Until next time, #GetSwilled!

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