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Every day that we work hard to bring you new and exciting hard cider, we can't help but to focus on our opportunity to give back.  We not only want to make delicious cider, but we also want to make a difference.  Therefore, we have committed to not only give our time to the causes that we are most  passionate about, but we have also made a commitment to donate at least 1% of all sales proceeds to benefit local  communities and charities in our footprint.  Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date.  Thank you for supporting our company's efforts!  Please contact us if you have an event or any way we can help make an impact.


At least 1% of all sales proceeds from all proceeds collected at Swilled Dog get donated to local communities and charities - primarily to benefit our favorite four-legged friends!  All proceeds from our WV Scrumpy are donated each year.

As you can tell, we love trying to make a difference.  That's why we introduced Lucy's Tap - a tap at our tasting room specifically dedicated to helping a rotating cause that is near and dear to us where $1 from every pour is donated.  The entire month of January, Lucy's Tap benefits the great work at the Parkersburg Humane Society.