Lucy Pickles


So who is Lucy Pickles?  Well to answer that question, you have to go back to the very beginning. She hasn’t always been the internationally recognized Lucy Pickles representing our cidery and distillery (she made us use “internationally recognized” per her contract).  In fact, Lucy Pickles has had quite the journey from puppy mill to international fame. You see, Lucy started her life in a Tennessee puppy mill where hundreds of dogs were living in tiny cages with no room to move around or go to the bathroom. This particular mill also docked the tails of the border collies to sell them as Australian shepherds to make an extra $100/dog. The owners of the mill are now in jail, and Lucy's story luckily continues.


Since there were so many dogs from the puppy mill, local TN animal shelters couldn’t handle the number of dogs, so animal shelters from multiple states stepped in to take dogs for adoption.  Lucy took the journey to a New Orleans animal shelter where she learned everything about Mardi Gras and gumbo. She also got adopted!  Should be the end of the story, right? Lucy would go on to participate in Mardi Gras parades, eat jambalaya until she couldn’t eat anymore and live the life of luxury on the bayou…Unfortunately, this was not the case for Lucy Pickles. This time, her owners neglected her causing her to be extremely malnourished.  Luckily, animal services were called by local neighbors, and she was removed from the home. 


From New Orleans, Lucy was adopted again but this time by a family who was moving to Florida where Lucy assumed she was going to go live the good life and bask in the Florida sunshine. When Lucy arrived to Florida, the family settled on a farm where they raised chickens. As a 5-month-old puppy, Lucy loved the freedom of chasing chickens all day and being a complete dirtball.  However, this didn’t sit well with her new owners and she was soon dropped off at the local animal shelter. 


Upon entering the system yet again, Lucy was in trouble. She was only a few days away from being euthanized when a herding dog rescue group was called. This is where Lucy finally began getting the attention she deserved. Over the next 2 months, Lucy spent time in two foster homes where she was brought back to good health and socialized with other dogs. 


Enter us…We met Lucy when we were looking to adopt a dog. Upon meeting Lucy for the first time, just seeing her was enough for us.  Hearing her story wasn’t even necessary. We fell in love at first sight. We decided that her 8th home in 7 months (YES – 8 homes in 7 months), would be her forever home!


Lucy’s journey is really about luck. She could have died in the puppy mill, she could have been euthanized at any of the animal shelters in which she was housed, or she could have been killed from neglect and malnutrition. For her to be here today is really a miracle! You can’t make this stuff up – cue the movie deal, children’s books, etc.


We, too, are lucky to be part of Lucy’s journey. These days she loves spending time with her other Swilled mascots, playing a good game of fetch, and chasing squirrels (she has moved on from chickens).  However, these days we believe the fame is starting to get to her as she has been asking for more treats lately which she refers to as “siduals” (her term for residuals or royalties) and is starting to inquire about agents.  It sure is hard to argue with her cuteness so we oblige with a few extra treats each night.

Brooke Glover & Lucy Pickles - Swilled D