Our Ciders

Apple Pie

Inspired by our Nana's kitchen, Apple Pie is the perfect cider to get you through the cold winter days. This unfiltered cider has a nice apple aroma on the nose, a sweet, crisp flavor, and a bite of cinnamon that will have you asking for another.

6.9% ABV

Wild Berry

Bursting with blackberries, raspberries, and apples our Wild Berry cider delivers a refreshing, crisp taste that can be enjoyed all year long. We love making our ciders unfiltered, giving this cider a fresh and full mouth-feel.

6.9% ABV 

Walk The Dog

This traditional, semi-dry cider will surely Walk The Dog! After selecting the perfect combination of apples and fermenting to the right balance of flavor and acidity, this cider offers a refreshing finish that's bright and lively. 

6.9% ABV

Caramel Apple

Can you resist a delicious, savory caramel apple? Of course not!  This is our grown-up version of your favorite classic dessert.  Boasting a delicious combination of caramel and a blend of semi-sweet, tart apples, this cider is destined for greatness.  Go on, take a bite...we mean drink.

6.9% ABV


This beachin' pineapple cider will transport your senses to a tropical paradise. Soon you'll feel your toes in the sand, hear waves breaking, and see palm trees blowing in the salty sea air.

6.9% ABV

WV Scrumpy

We are so proud to show off our heritage with our limited edition, small batch WV Scrumpy.  Every apple in this cider was hand-picked in West Virginia and donated with love with the hope that it could one day fulfill its full potential - to become part of a glorious cider. 100% of proceeds from this cider are donated.

6.9% ABV

Looking to find Swilled Dog in the market?

This map is updated weekly - placements may vary at each location. If traveling a long distance to buy our ciders, please call ahead to the store to see if it is in stock.

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